About A&A Manufacturing

In an industry that demands quality, competitive pricing, and the best customer service, we have been leading the pack for over 50 years! Our staff is dedicated to manufacturing and distributing the best American Made products on the market!  Our products are all made in the USA.  Our little shop in Spring Lake, MI, produces 90% of our catalog product.  The remaining 10% is mostly sourced from small shops within 30 miles of our shop = MICHIGAN made!

The products in our catalog have been designed by the best engineers there are…our customers! We work closely with large fabricating and individuals as well to develop parts that are used around the world today.

As you browse through our website, please remember that we are happy to quote new parts and also offer custom work as well.

We are a small family owned shop that takes pride in all we do, all we sell, all we produce!  We pride ourselves on the relationships we make with our customers and for the level of customer service we strive to provide!  Thank you for choosing A & A Manufacturing as your source of components, it means the world to our little family here!

Your friends at A&A Manufacturing

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